Belgian Championship Boulder 2012

Last weekend something happened that most people didnt expect..
I became Belgian champion in Bouldering.
When i got in the finals after the selections in Blok, i expected to finish in top 4.
This time i prepared everything: Food, sleep, work and my mindset! Because i really wanted to get on the podium i knew i would have to dig deep against such strong competitors.
The first boulderproblem was a traverse into a small bulge overhang.
I managed onsight this problem, the only one also onsighting this was Ollie.
So after this bouder i felt a boost of confidence about finishing top 3.
The second boulder was the hardest one, a very physical compression boulder, on this one i only managed to get to the Bonus hold on my first go.
I decided not to try to much in this because it was very demanding the only one sending this one was Nicolas Farcy the strongest climber in the finals imo.
So after the second boulder it was Nicolas in first place and me, loic, ollie in second place with one boulder.
The third boulder was an awkward sideways dyno move to a slopey hold.
Loic found a static way and flashed this boulder, Ollie also flashed it Johnatan Thomas did it second go but i took about 8 attempts.
So now the ranking was Nico Farcy in first place, second place for Loic and third for Ollie, i had jumped to fourth place due to attempts.
So it became a real thriller all of the four above still had a chance to get the win or at least on the podium....the crowd was going mad!!
I was going to give it my all!! In the reading session i had told the guys this problem had a short exit straight up instead of going left.
Jurgen lis had listened to my beta and did the boulder, i heard the crowd explode when he sent the problem.
So now i knew the problem was possible, so i decided to give it my all and sent it straight up, like this it felt more like 7b/+.
I felt the adrenaline raging in my heart.
My friends really pushed me up the boulder with their encouragements.
So now i was sure of podium place!! If Ollie and Nico didnt send it, it even meant i would finish 1st place, we kept our fingers crossed....
Thanks to nat for all the support and encouragements, and thanks to everyone from the city lizard who were there.
A lesson in this competition is that not always the physically strongest win a competition, there are many other facets to this kind of competition.
The end result:

1. Me
2. Nicolas Farcy
3. Ollie Mignon

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